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Local Health Insurance for Children

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We recently launched a health care program for children to give vulnerable access to medical care. Now 1,079 elementary school children benefit from the children's health insurance. With our new health insurance, parents pay a small co-payment while SAIDA takes care of the rest. Now families can regularly bring their child to the local health station without fear of the cost.

Die lokale Kinderkrankenversicherung ermöglicht auch Kindern aus den bedürftigsten Familien eine medizinische Versorgung.
Joseph Tougma, Schulinspektor und Initiator der KinderkrankenversicherungJoseph Tougma, Schulinspektor und Initiator der Kinderkrankenversicherung

In 2015 we began our pilot phase, which insured 1,079 school children in the Gomboro community. Each child was tested and treated a variety of illnesses, ranging from malaria to the common cold. We collected personal data and information for each child and entered it into a personalized and individual health booklet (also called a carnet de santé). In order to continue these important screenings, we also surveyed the number of boys and girls in the community. This also allows us to track the number of girls with genital mutilations and prevent further instances - a tool which can also be shared with other municipal organizations in the area.

For the 2015-2016 pilot phase, we have representatives at the health care center in Burkina Faso. The cost associated with each child’s visit is as low as seven Euros and includes examination and diagnosis.