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Our projects for human rights, education and health in Burkina Faso

Education for all children

Despite the legal compulsory education in Burkina Faso, many children are not enrolled in school because their families do not have enough money. Furthermore, there are not enough buildings, space or supplies for every child. Therefore, the girls are usually deprived of the opportunity to get an education. In most cases the girls stay home and take care of the household, fieldwork, and younger siblings. This increases the probability of forced marriages and early pregnancies.

Wir müssen erreichen, dass in Gomboro endlich auch alle Mädchen in die Schule gehen und einen Abschluss machen können. 
Husseini Yaro, Elternsprecher GrundschuleHusseini Yaro, Elternsprecher Grundschule

SAIDA has set up an education fund with the Parents Association, which allows disadvantaged children to attend school by improving learning conditions. For example, the education fund buys teaching materials for the classrooms, such as desks and chairs. Thanks to the actions of GenialSozial (an organization in Germany), the Saxony Youth Foundation was able to build a new school house in Burkina Faso. We also collect donations that will go towards providing the school children with sanitary facilities and solar power.

About SAIDA International e.V.

We are committed to supporting women and children’s rights in developing countries. Our work focuses on education for young girls, stopping genital mutilation and early marriages, empowering women, and improving reproductive health. 


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