Information about the UroAid Project - urogenital Surgery and Reproductive Health

UroAid- Urogenital Surgery in Cameroon

UroAid is an aid project for urological care in northern Cameroon and bordering countries in the Sahel region. Since 2005, Dr. Franklin Danki Sillong from Cameroon and Dr. Thilo Schwalenberg from Germany have worked together in the Protestant Mission Hospital in Ngaoundéré, where they have built the first urological ward in northern Cameroon. The initial goal was to establish urogenital surgery in the region, in which no opportunities for qualified surgical treatment for women with vaginal fistula and men with urological diseases had previously existed.

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We are committed to supporting women and children’s rights in developing countries. Our work focuses on education for young girls, stopping genital mutilation and early marriages, empowering women, and improving reproductive health. 


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