Prevention of genital mutilation and education

Prevention of genital mutilation in Germany

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It is estimated that there are 30,000 women and girls in Germany who are at risk or are a victim of genital mutilation.

In developing countries, genital mutilation is a particularly dramatic example of the continuous human rights violations against women and girls. The systematic discrimination causes great suffering.

Many women and girls in African, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries are affected by this kind of violence. Through migration, the practice is now in Europe. It is estimated that there are 500,000 women and girls who have been affected by genital mutilation in Europe; we estimate that about 30,000 in Germany who are at risk or are a victim. Even though it is outlawed in many western countries, families may take their daughters to their home country during school vacations to have the circumcision performed. It is an issue that people are not aware of and rarely discuss.

We support authorities, youth welfare offices, and professionals in specific cases to ensure accurate assessment, possible hazards, and potential treatments to protect women against this severe crime. We have compiled the figures for the number of vulnerable and affected women in the table below as an illustration of the situation’s great importance. We have a prevention brochure for both professionals and the general public that offer practice tips designed to effectively protect women at risk and to support those who have already been affected. Please click below to download the materials.

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We are committed to supporting women and children’s rights in developing countries. Our work focuses on education for young girls, stopping genital mutilation and early marriages, empowering women, and improving reproductive health. 


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