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UroAid: Reproductive Health Thilo Schwalenberg

UroAid: Reproductive Health

The physical and mental scars associated with genital mutilation can affect women their entire lives. The practice causes severe damage to the vagina, bladder, urethra, and intestine, resulting in a permanent genital fistula.

SAIDA advocates for reproductive health, both in preventing genital mutilation but also in its surgical treatment. Dr. Thilo Schwalenberg, one of the founding members of SAIDA, began the UroAid project in Cameroon in 2005, where he trained local doctors in the technique of urogenital corrective surgery. We are now able to help people in remote regions obtain the proper medical attention and care.

In 2016 we hope to build a maternity ward with a surgical outpatient for the people of the Gomboro community. Its construction is made possible by the action of the GenialSozial and Saxon Youth Foundation. The surgical work is sponsored by the North-South Bridge Foundation. However, for both projects we need as many donations as possible to reach our co-payment goal and ensure that sustainable healthcare is available to all.

About SAIDA International e.V.

We are committed to supporting women and children’s rights in developing countries. Our work focuses on education for young girls, stopping genital mutilation and early marriages, empowering women, and improving reproductive health. 


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